Being a man can be tough sometimes. You have to look good without any makeup, be impressive, be funny at the same time, and be gentle too. Managing all these things can be really tough sometimes. But what you can manage is the things you own. If you have the right things in your wardrobe, it can be a plus point for you. Let’s check out 13 things every man should own.

Things every man should own –

1. A shaving kit – If you are wearing a nice outfit but your beards are not in shape, then this can be a disaster. I mean come on, everyone likes a well-groomed men. A well looking and groomed personality is more appealing than the shabby one. So a good brand shaving kit is what every man should own according to us.

shaving kit(Things every man should own)
Shaving kit
(Things every man should own)

2. A good no. of quality blazers – There is something about these blazers, tux’s, etc. that makes a man more desiring. Either it be a date, a family get-together, or an official meeting, blazers are an everywhere thing. When in doubt, go for blazers.

blazer(Things every man should own)
Grey classic blazer
(Things every man should own)

3. Watches – Every man should own a set of watches according to their different outfits. Having a watch according to outfit is really important as the watch that goes with blazer might not go with a normal t-shirt. We believe a watch makes you look more classy and well-maintained at the same time. So invest in some.

watches(Things every man should own)
(Things every man should own)

4. Sunglasses – Sunglasses are something that adds more to a man’s personality. A man wearing a nice outfit, a good pair of shoes, nicely groomed, and wearing classy sunglasses, becomes 10 times more attractive. So every man should consider buying a set of classy sunglasses.

sunglasses(Things every man should own)
(Things every man should own)

5. Shirts – Add some common color, plain shirts to your wardrobe, that too of a good quality to your wardrobe. By common colors we mean colors like, black, white, dark blue, these are some colors that suit on a man more. You can even go for shirts of your choice, we just gave you an idea. So invest in some quality shirts for your wardrobe.

black shirt(Things every man should own)
Black shirt
(Things every man should own)

6. Denim jeans – Quality denim jeans is what every man should own. You can never go wrong with a sky blue denim jeans. It can be worn with simply anything. Whether it might be a plain tee, a blazer look, a shirt, a blue denim jean can be worn with almost anything. So go add it to your wardrobe.

denim jean(Things every man should own)
Denim jean
(Things every man should own)

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7. A sports jacket – Sports look of a man is so freaking sexy, I swear on god. Man looks so appealing when he is sweating, and if he is wearing a sexy jacket at that time it’s just like a cherry on top of the cake. You should definitely add some good quality and good style jackets to your wardrobe.

sports jacket(Things every man should own)
Sports jacket
(Things every man should own)

8. Tie – A plain tie with a plain color is what every man should own. Those complicated designs on a tie don’t always look good. As compared, a plain good quality tie that can go with most of the outfits is better than the colorful and complicated pattern containing tie.

tie(Things every man should own)
Black tie
(Things every man should own)

9. Brown brogues – These pairs of shoes are so freaking sexy, elegant and at the same time so admiring, they even go with many of your outfits and make you look so attractive. We believe every man should own these pairs.

brown brogues(Things every man should own)
Brown brogues
(Things every man should own)

10. Cufflinks -Cufflinks are a piece of jewelry that is used to secure the cuffs of shirts. They are manufactured from different materials like glass, metal, leather, stone, etc. etc. They are specially designed for shirts that don’t have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons. So invest in some.

cufflinks(Things every man should own)
Mirror cufflinks
(Things every man should own)

11. Lace-up shoes – Either it is a formal attire or a casual plain shirt, lace-up shoes look good with almost everything. If they are in black or brown then simply WOW. A nicely dressed man with good taste in shoes is so freaking attractive. So invest in a good quality lace-up shoes.

black lace-up shoes(Things every man should own)
Black lace-up shoes
(Things every man should own)

12. A leather wallet – A good quality leather wallet is what every man should own. You are wearing nice clothes, shoes, etc. on a date and when you are about to pay a bill you just take out loose money from your pocket or an old tore wallet, will it look good?. No right, so buy a nice quality leather wallet before going on any special occasion now.

leather wallet(Things every man should own)
Leather wallet
(Things every man should own)

13. Perfume – A good looking, nice smelling man is what every woman aspires for. When it comes to impressing a woman, smell plays a major role. Women love the smell of men’s perfume. So find a perfume that will suit your personality type, and flatter girls around.

perfume(Things every man should own)
(Things every man should own)

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