A beautiful dress requires a beautiful pair of shoes. Most of the time we don’t have the right type of shoe for a particular dress. So here we have mentioned 14 pairs of shoes every woman should own that can be your savior most of the time.

Either it be a jean, a crop top, saree, formals, sports attire, or literally any type of outfit in the world, these 14 footwear can be the game-changer. If you have them the wardrobe game is yours.

14 pairs of shoes every woman should own

1. Sneakers

Sneakers work well with sports attire. They are the must-have pair of shoes. Also, they can be worn with a nice simple frock(one piece) or top and jeans. They work well for both the outfits.

2. Gladiators

Another simple yet sexy pair of shoes every woman should own. Gladiators are super sexy and work well for almost any type of outfit. Either it be shorts, tees, one-piece, and almost everything, gladiators can be a good choice.

3. Heels

Almost every woman love heels. I mean come on, the love for heels is real. They go with most of our outfits. They are painful at times but we cannot simply resist wearing heels, right girls?. So add some nice pair of heels to your wardrobe.

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4. Boots

Boots add more to one’s personality, you should invest in them. A woman wearing a nice top and jeans, or top and shorts with a nice pair of boots looks so freaking attractive. I think one should surely invest in them. They are flat as well as they come with the option of heels, so you can buy either or both of them.

5. Wedges

Wedges are another types of heels just not that painful and hard to manage. They work well with any casual outfit, or an official one as well. So invest in a pair of wedges.

6. Ballerina shoes

Another simple, easy to manage, and comfortable pair that every woman should own. Ballerina name comes from the shoes worn by ballet dancers. They work well with many of the outfits like top-jean, one-piece, shorts, jumpsuits, etc. etc.

7. Flat Sandals

For an evening walk or maybe not so official outing, flat sandals can be a good option. They are comfortable as well as simple. The plus point is, they go with almost every outfit.

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8. Classic Pumps

These pairs of shoes look like heels but let us be clear they are pumps. A very sexy pair of footwear that goes with everything. When a woman is wearing a classic pair of pumps she looks so freaking attractive and admiring that no man can resist looking at her. We personally love pumps so much and recommend you to invest in them too.

9. Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are very underrated but they look good when worn with the right kind of outfit. Although they don’t go with these fancy outfits they look well with sports or casual attire. So invest in some of them.

10. Bondage Boots

Bondage boots are a pair of shoes that combine both boots and heels. They work well with outfits like jeans, shorts, one-piece, jumpsuits, and formals. So invest in a good pair of boots.

11. Mules

Another classy yet sexy pair of shoes every woman should own. Mules are sexy yet super cute and can go with many of your outfits. We think every woman should invest in them, they won’t let you down and you won’t regret investing in them.

12. Thigh High Boots

Boots are love, whatever form they come in. The thigh-high boots are another type of boots that comes near your knee or thighs sometimes. They are very stylish and someone who loves being in trend should go for this one.

13. Mid Calf Boots

Mid-calf boots are not that long as thigh-high boots. They have a medium length but are super cute and trendy. They work well with jeans, shorts, one-piece, and many other outfits. According to us, these are one of the shoes every woman should own. So go invest in a classy pair of mid-calf boots.

14. Kitten Heel

Kitten heels are not that painful and hard to manage like other types of heel. They are good for a date and work well with every outfit. They look elegant, classy and sexy at the same time. According to us, one should surely invest in them.

These were the 14 pair of shoes every woman should own. So go add them to your wardrobe. 🙂

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