Many of you would have heard that you should use onion juice for hair growth, it makes your hair longer and thicker. Right?. Now it obviously comes across everyone’s mind that how does onion juice help our hairs to grow. Does it even make our hair grow, or all this is just a myth?. Does this famous saying, onion juice make your hair grow thicker, even true?. Des the famous saying onion makes your hair shinier, even true?. So here we will find the answers to all these questions.

Main properties required for hair growth –

1. When it comes to regeneration of hair sulfur plays a major role in that. If the sulfur amount in your hair scalp is good than probably you have a good hair thickness and hair health. Onion juice is rich in sulfur, it nourishes your hair follicles nicely.

2. A products antibacterial properties help us to keep our hair healthy and your scalp, dandruff free. It also helps in controlling dandruff.

3. An antioxidant enzyme known as catalase helps in decomposing hydrogen peroxide. Which helps in promoting hair growth.

onion juice for hair growth(onion juice)
Random image of some onions

4. Sulfur helps in minimizing the thinning of hair, prevents hair loss, and avoids hair breakage as well.

5. Blood circulation through your hair is necessary as it causes the hair to regenerate and improves your hair health as well.

6. Some antioxidants causes the graying of hairs to delay.

Now we know the various properties required for hair growth. So now let’s cross-check whether onion passes the test or fails it?.

Key benefits of onion juice for hair growth –

  • Onion juice is rich in sulfur, it nourishes you hair follicles nicely.
  • Onion has rich antibacterial properties.
  • It helps in treating dry and itchy scalp.
  • Onion juice prevents hair loss.
  • Onion is rich in the antioxidant enzyme known as catalase.
  • It helps in fighting dandruff.
  • Delays the graying of hairs.
  • Onion helps in promoting proper blood circulation throughout our scalp.
  • It helps in fighting and avoiding scalp infection.

So now we know the various benefits onion juice has and so many different ways it benefits our hair. It’s rich in sulfur, has so many antibacterial properties, has antioxidants, etc. etc. So it’s obviously proven that onion juice for hair growth is really good. Now the question arises how to use it?.

So now let’s talk about how to make it’s best use so that it benefits our hairs.

Steps to extract onion juice for hair growth easily at home –

Step 1. Take 2 – 3 red onions(you can take any onion but the red ones are more beneficial).

Step 2. Now cut them into 2 halves and chop them properly.

Step 3. Now take the finely chopped onions and grind them using a grinder.

Step 4. Now take out the paste in a bowl.

Step 5. Now with the help of a sieve and a spoon, extract the onion juice properly form the paste into another bowl.

This is how onion juice looks like

Watch the video to understand the steps more clearly.

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(onion juice for hair growth)

So know as the juice has been extracted let’s see how to apply it.

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Steps to apply onion juice for hair growth –

Step 1. Take the bowl where you have stored the onion juice and take some cotton as well.

Step 2. Now dip the cotton in the bowl of onion juice.

Step 3. Apply the juice with the help of cotton properly throughout your scalp.

Step 4. Massage your hairs nicely with your hands so that the juice gets absorbed by you scalp properly.

Watch the video to understand the steps more clearly.

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(onion juice for hair growth)

Keep it for 2 hours atleast. If kept overnight than it’s even better.

Random image of some onions

People who shouldn’t use it –

There’s no as such negative effects of onion juice for hair growth but if you have an onion allergy then we will suggest don’t use it. Also before using it on your scalp do a patch test on your skin if it feels itchy or skin turns red after sometime avoid using it. Also you can add the onion juice to your shampoo and use it.

What additionally can be added to the onion juice for more benefits? –

Now onion juice without any added ingredients is also good for your hairs but sometimes it can be quite caustic to the people not allergic to onion as well. So simply add aloe-vera or coconut oil to it. These 2 ingredients are always helpful in hair growth.

So know we have seen the benefits of onion juice for hair growth. Go and make its best use 🙂

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