Short nails or long ones we always love to style them up, nail art is something every girl loves. Just as we want us to look awesome, the same way we want our nails to look awesome.

Let’s check out some easy, awesome and unique nail art designs –

1. The watermelon nail art

Yes, you heard it correct, now the delicious watermelon will be on your fingertip, we mean fingernail. Look at this beautiful watermelon design, I mean who won’t fall for it. If you are someone really outgoing, fun-loving than this one is for you.

nail art
The watermelon nail art design.

2. The monochrome nails

Are you a person who love prints, than this one is for you. Look at the perfect combination of white nail paint and black design on it. This one is really very pretty!!!

nail art
The monochrome nail art.

3. Metallic nails

There is something unique and awesome about the metallic nail paint that one cannot resist. It doesn’t require any specialization and yet manages to look so awesome.

nail art
The metallic nails.

4. The one nail, nail art

Look how beautiful this nail art looks. If you are a working woman, a girl that loves everything trending, this can be the perfect match for you.

nail art
The one nail, nail art.

5. The black and white nail art

The Black and white nail design combo is very common yet beautiful, just depends on how you style them up. Look at this beautiful design, you can even do this by yourself, it is easy and beautiful.

nail art
Black and white nail art.

6. The check print

Just like the pretty check shirts you buy, you can even make the same design on your nails. Yes, you heard it correctly. It’s super easy and super cute. Have a look at one of such designs.

nail art
The check print.

7. The bloodstains

That’s crazy right?. Yes, this nail art exists and people who love playing with things love trying this crazy idea. It’s weird, terrifying, and crazy at the same time. Let’s have a look at it.

nail art
The bloodstains.

8. The peach and black combo

This is a simple, super easy, and super cute nail design idea. It doesn’t require any special effort and isn’t that hard to do. It is just perfect for a normal day out.

nail art
The peach and black combo.

9. The double shade nail art

Another trendy and extremely beautiful nail design. We are in love with this design and you will also surely be. Now let’s have a look at it.

nail art
The double shade nail art.

10. The silver line nail art

Another simple, easy and beautiful design that doesn’t require any special skills and can be done easily at home. Just look at it’s simplicity and beauty, we think you should definitely try it.

nail art
The silver line nail art.

11. The three in one combo

This nail design consists of the simple nail paint application, the metallic nail paint, and the glitter one. This nail art isn’t for a day to day basis, this can work on special occasions like a date, a party, or a club night.

nail art
The three in one combo.

12. The nail sticker

If you are finding it hard to do nail art you can even buy nail art stickers from a near buy or online fashion store. They are affordable and super pretty!!!

nail art
The nail sticker.

13. The floral nail art

Floral designs are simply loved!! Either it is a dress, home decors, or nail designs, floral designs look the best on everything and everywhere. Have a look at this one.

nail art
The floral nail art.

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14. Double shade and beads

This one is also the one that is not for a day to day basis but can rock your special occasions with its pretty looks. Let’s check it out.

nail art
Double shade and beads.

15. Nude with floral print

Nude nail paint is very beautiful and can be worn on a day to day basis and if you add floral print to it, it will look so pretty that you are gonna rock the day. Now let’s have a look at one such example.

nail art
Nude with floral print.

16. The galaxy design

Are you someone who loves the galaxy, the stars, the moons, than this one is for you. The blue background and the star prints makes it appear as if the galaxy is on your fingernails. Let’s have a look at it.

nail art
The galaxy design.

17. Transparent nails

Transparent nail paint is easily available and can be worn on a day to day basis and if you add some design to it, it would look even more beautiful. Let’s look at one such design.

nail art
Transparent nails.

18. Floral design with beads

This is another style you can do a floral design like, just add some beads to it and it will look more beautiful. Let’s have a look at one such beautiful design.

nail art
Floral design with beads.

19. The shiny and glitter combo

Playing with nail art is fun, one should always keep experimenting. The shiny nail paint and glitter combo looks great as well. Let’s have a look at this one also.

nail art
The shiny and glitter combo.

20. The red matte look.

Red nail paint looks awesome on every one. Just buy a good matte red shade and some design to it and you are all set to go.

nail art
The red matte look.

So these were some amazing, easy, and beautiful nail art. Go play with these designs and create something gorgeous and new the way you want and the way you love.

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