The topic skincare can be a headache sometimes. You may find many topics over the internet regarding DIY skincare routine or how to take care of your skin but most of them contain the things that are mostly not available or too expensive. But now, skincare is important too, right?.

So let us tell you how to take proper care of your skin while staying at home, without spending a lot of money. Just follow these 6 steps for a healthy glowing skin. Follow these steps in the same order as given below.

DIY Skincare routine for a healthy skin –

1. Cleansing – Cleansing is the very first and important step when it comes to skincare as removing makeup lets your skin breathe and absorb more of products. A cleanser is different than a face wash, it is softer on the skin as compared to a face wash or a soap. You can use your regular face wash as well if you don’t have a cleanser. A baby soap is a good option as well as it is made by keeping in mind that the baby’s skin is very soft, so it can be a good option for cleansing as well.

2. Steam – Before you carry on further with your skincare routine don’t forget to take steam on your face. The products or ingredients you apply to your skin after taking steam works better. So always take steam if you want a healthier glow on your face.

steam(DIY skincare routine)
DIY skincare routine: Steam open your pores and the products you apply after that effects on your skin better.

3. Toner – A toner is the third most important step in skincare. It helps in removing excess dirt from your skin, balance the pH of skin, removes any left up makeup, and even helps control acne. Use a toner of your choice that suits you or you already are using. If you don’t want to invest in one then you can replace it with raw milk. Yes, raw milk simply has so many benefits and can be used for this step.

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toner(DIY skincare routine)
DIY skincare routine: toner makes your skin feel soft and also helps your skin fight acne.

4. Exfoliation – This is the fourth and one of the most important steps in your DIY skincare routine. Exfoliation helps remove the upper dead layer of your skin and makes it brighter, soft, and supple. You can use the scrub of your choice or the one that suits your skin the most. Now if you don’t want to spend on them then simply use besan(gram flour) or rice flour.

exfoliaion(DIY skincare routine)
DIY skincare routine: exfoliating makes your skin feel nourished, soft and healthier.
How to make it?

Just simply take 1-2 tablespoons of besan or rice flour, add some water(tap or mineral that’s totally on you) in order to form a thick paste. And your scrub is ready!

(DIY skincare routine)
Diy skincare routine

5. Face pack – Now so that your skin is exfoliated and fresh, it can absorb more nutrients that are good for your skin’s health. You can use any face pack that you regularly use or the one that you prefer. Now if you want to make one of your own then you can make it by using aloe vera, yogurt, honey, etc. Check out these amazing DIY face masks.

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6. Sunscreen – If your sunscreen consists of both a moisturizer and a sunscreen and that too of SPF-30 or above, then its good. Otherwise, just apply a sunscreen first and moisturizer next. It will help avoid your skin from the harmful sun rays, maintain its health, and keep it in good condition.

So now that you know the proper steps to maintain your skin’s health, go add them to your skincare routine and enjoy a healthy, lively skin 😉

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    Ankita Anand · June 30, 2020 at 6:40 am

    Glad to hear that, you can even go through other articles as well, hope they will help you too. 🙂

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