Most of the people suffer from many hair related problem nowadays. Due to the increase in pollution and various other factors our hairs suffer a lot. Many of us even don’t know the right way to deal with these problems. We even don’t know how to take care of our hairs the right way. Here you will get to know fast hair growth secrets.

We bring to you fast hair growth secrets to grow hair faster and promote natural hair growth. These are some best ways on how to grow hair faster.

1.1 Make them shinier, healthier and beautiful with these steps –

  • Wash your hairs minimum 2 times and maximum 3 times a week. – Washing your hairs daily can damage your hairs badly and also takes away the natural oil from your hairs and make them lose their shine. So we recommend you wash your hair only 2-3 times a week.

I suggest go for a mild shampoo, it’s good for your hair and improves their condition as well.

  • Don’t keep your hairs open unnecessarily. – When you keep your hairs open for a full day they come in contact with pollution, dirt, and whatnot. So if you want beautiful hair then don’t forget to tie them up next time you leave your house.
  • Don’t tie up your hairs in a tight high ponytail all the time – Tying your hairs in a very tight ponytail or any other tight hairstyle causes hair breakage and even headaches. So give your hair a break from these depressing hairstyles.
  • Comb and tie up your hairs into a braid before going to bed – Combing you hairs before bed allows the natural oils to spread all over and eventually helps in natural hair growth. Also tying them into a braid helps in preventing hair breakage while you sleep.

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  • Always check how a product is working on your scalp – If you want to know whether a product is working for your hairs or not then simply check your scalp.

“Yes the skin on your head will tell you how the product is working for you.”

Is the product making your skin feel dry, itchy, and sticky” or is it making your skin feel healthy, soft, silky, and hydrated?

Yes so here is the answer

fast hair growth secrets
________Hair growth________
  • Get frequent trims – As the time passes our hairs come in contact with pollution, heat, dirt, etc. which causes the hairs to break from the end(it causes split ends basically). So trimming your hairs frequently gives them a soft texture. You can cut the split ends with the help of a scissor every day before going to bed.
  • Avoid heating tools – Heating tools make your hairs look the way you want to see them for a day or so but in the end they end up damaging your beautiful hairs. So avoid them.
  • Avoid brushing/combing wet hairs – Combing wet hairs can make them break from roots which causes permanent damage to that particular root and I guess no one wants this. So avoid brushing wet hairs and if you still want to brush them then brush carefully.
  • Wash pillows every week – Washing the pillows you sleep on is very necessary as they get dirty very soon. A dirty pillowcase can lead to hair damage. So wash them once a week.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase – As we know silk is soft so sleeping on the pillowcases made with silk will not cause hair breakage.
how to grow hair faster
_____HAIR GROWTH____
  • Don’t use unnecessary hair products They damage your hairs and take away their natural shine. Using too much of hair products is very bad for your hairs health. You never know what might be the true ingredients of a particular product. Whether it’s good for your hairs health or not. So just avoid too much of hair products.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies – You can use the best products in the world for your hairs but if you don’t eat healthily then you won’t get the best results for your hairs. So eat healthy and include a good amount of fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Only apply natural products to your hair – By natural products I mean naturally available ingredients. Such as aloe vera, curd etc. as they don’t cause any damage they only benefit our hairs.

Lastly have a nice long nap every day. Having a good nap is as important as eating good, using natural hair masks, and other things.


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