Weight loss is a topic that many people are concerned about. They want to be healthy, look good and at the same time want to eat like others normally, right people?. I understand. We see many videos, posts, etc. etc. over the internet where everyone is claiming that their method of weight loss is the best, but we all know nothing works, right. So how to lose weight?.

Now let’s change a mindset that many of us have. You don’t have to look slim to look good. You just want to become healthy and keep yourselves away from various diseases. That’s why you should be here or reading, or seeing any other article or video from now on. Right people. Now let’s take a look at various methods of weight loss or rather I would say the methods of keeping yourselves healthy.

16 steps of weight loss(being healthy) –

I will tell you the ways in an order on how you should do them from the starting of the day to the end.

1. Drink hot water – Drinking a glass of hot water after you get fresh is very beneficial for weight loss and if it’s hot water then it’s even better. It helps in lowering down the bad belly fat and also in detoxication. Do it daily, early in the morning.

weight loss(glass of water)
Random image of a glass of water

2. Go for an early morning walk or jogging – Going for a walk or jogging is important for being fit. Do jogging for 15-30 minutes daily in the morning. Doing so, will cause you to sweat which is a good sign of your efforts.

Random image of a girl running

3. Do exercise/yoga – The reason I promote yoga more is that it has a solution for almost everything. Doing yoga after a walk or jogging is very beneficial. You cannot skip this step as exercising is the main part of weight loss, without doing any workout you cannot keep yourself fit and your body disease-free.


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4. Before having a meal, drink water – Drinking water especially before having a meal helps in weight loss and that’s scientifically proven. Drinking water boosts your metabolism which eventually causes in burning of more calories. So drink as much water as possible.

5. Add more healthy food to your diet – Eating healthier is very important when you are trying to keep yourself in shape. Eat more of fruits and vegetables they are very important in weight loss. They contain fewer calories and more fiber which is very important for maintaining your health.

Image of some fruits and vegetables

6. Drink coffee – Caffeine in coffee increases metabolism and increases the burning of fat. Drink preferably black coffee and don’t add sugar or any high-calorie ingredients otherwise the coffee won’t help it will negate the benefits.

black coffee
Black coffee

7. Drink green tea – When it comes to weight loss or health, green tea is a very good option. It helps in cutting down the bad fat, keeps you fit, and fresh. Although it consists of a small amount of caffeine but it still manages to increase our metabolism and cut down fat due to its other ingredients.

8. Cut back on added sugars – Consuming a lot of food that contains sugar is very bad for your health. In a study it was found that consumption of sugar leads to obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. So it’s better to cut on them.

9. Eat spicy food – Eating spicy food increases metabolism that causes weight loss. So eat more of spicy food but that too in limits, cause eating spicy has its own side effects too.

10. Eat less oily food – Whether it’s for losing weight or gaining weight eating oily food has never been a good option. So just reduce the consumption of oily food to zero, if possible.

11. Eat more protein – Consumption of more protein increases metabolism and any food that’s a rich source of protein will help you in losing weight faster, and maintain a balanced BMI.

12. Reduce the consumption of soft drinks, soda, and fruit juice – Added sugar is not good for health, and if it’s in liquid form than it’s even worse. Soft drinks, soda, fruit juices, they all contain a lot of added sugar so basically reduce their consumption.

13. Don’t diet – Dieting causes weakness not weight loss, so basically don’t diet instead eat healthy.

healthy drinks
Some healthy drinks

14. Chew food slowly – When you chew food fast it causes the formation of bad fat and we don’t want that right?. So just make a habit of chewing food slowly.

15. Drink aloe-vera juice – When it comes to lowering down the belly fat aloe-vera is always useful. Buy some aloe-vera juice or make one at your home. It’s bad in taste but really very beneficial for weight loss.

click here to know how to make aloe-vera juice at home.

Image of an aloe-vera plant

16. Sleep well – Sleeping well is as important as eating and exercising. Taking a good sleep also plays an important role in maintaining your health. So don’t forget to get a good nap.

Now you know the various ways you can lose weight and maintain your health. Also losing weight is not that easy you have to follow these steps for sure in order to lose weight. Follow them properly and you will see the differences yourself.


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