If you are here reading this then surely you want a thick, healthy beard that makes you look more manly and more macho right?. Many of you will be opposing this statement of mine and saying beard doesn’t define anyone’s manliness, yeah you are right but come on, I mean beard makes a man look more attractive and desiring. Me being a girl love men with beards. So how to grow beards faster and thicker?

How to grow beards faster
How to grow beards faster-Beard growth tips

We first need to understand the causes of your beard not growing or growing but not that thicker and the way you want. So there can be various reasons for your beards not growing, such as –

1. Pollution – The increasing pollution can be one of the various reasons for your beard not growing properly. Pollution damages skin and hair badly.

Pollution is bad for your beard growth(How to grow beards faster-beard growth tips)

2. Genetic problem – Now many of you can have a genetic hair problem and as compared to women, men suffer from this genetic hair problem more.

3. Not getting proper protein and nutrients – Lack of proper nutrients can also lead to hair growth problems. When you don’t concentrate on your diet it leads to damaging your hair follicles and doesn’t acquire them proper environment to nourish and grow.

4. Lack of proper care – Now most of you want a healthy and sexy beard, but do you guys really work for it?. When you want clear skin you take proper care of your skin right?. In the same way, if you want a good thick beard then take proper care of it.

5. Stress/tension– You must have heard that stress causes dark circles, dull skin, weakness, hair fall right?. In the same way, taking a lot of tension can also be one of the reasons for your beards not growing properly.

These can be some of the main reasons for your beards not growing properly. So you need to work on them. Now let me tell you the ways you can promote your beard growth and make it look healthier and sexier. Let’s check out the ways of how to grow beards faster and thicker.

11 ways of how to grow beards faster and thicker –

1. Eat properly – You can do hell lot of things for growing your beards but if your diet is not proper then all these hardships to get a sexy beard is just a waste. So in order to get a healthier, thicker, sexier beard start eating healthy. Add fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, etc. etc. healthy food to your diet.

Beard growth tips
Proper diet is necessary for beard growth(How to grow beards faster-beard growth tips)

2. Use a derma roller – Derma rollers are very famous and easily available almost everywhere. You can buy one from a nearby chemist shop or order it online. It punctures your skin and damages it at a minimal level which causes the skin to repair and also improves the blood circulation. This process causes your beard to grow better and thicker. So if nothing is working for you then go for a derma roller.

Best ways to grow your hairs faster and longer

3. Drink water – Water is very essential for our body. If your body lacks the needed water amount then it will start reacting and causing various problems related to skin, hairs, digestion, etc. etc. The lack of water amount also affects your beard growth. So drink as much water as possible.

4. Stop smoking – Now you might be thinking how can smoking be related to beard growth, it affects lungs right?. Yes, it affects lungs as well as lip as well as teeth and your beards as well. Yes, smoking affects your beards too, it damages them and stops your beard growth. So “SAY NO TO SMOKING”.

how to grow beards faster
Smoking is bad for your beard growth(How to grow beards faster-beard growth tips)

5. Use beard oil – Your beards need nourishment and strength too. So a beard oil is a great way to get that. Using a good brand beard oil is very important if you are looking for a sexy beard. So go buy it guys and use it for your beard’s health.

6. Use beard shampoo – Shampoo is just not for hairs its for beard too. Not the one you use for your hairs, there are some shampoos for your beards only. Using a shampoo allows the dirt and unnecessary oil in your beard that is blocking the way for your beard to grow, come out.

7. Beard moisturizer – As important as the moisturizer is for your skin its important for your beards too. There are specific moisturizers for you beards only which helps in keeping your beards nourished and healthy. So invest in a good brand moisturizer.

8. Stop touching them unnecessarily – What’s the need to touch your beards so often?. When you touch your skin with hands, you never know how clean your hands are which eventually damages your skin. It works the same for your beards too. So stop touching them.

9. Proteins and nutrients – Add good amount of proteins and nutrients to your diet in order to achieve a good and thick beard. They are important for your skin, hair, fitness, beards and almost everything.

how to grow beards faster
Good amount of protein and nutrients are important for beard growth(How to grow beards faster-beard growth tips)

10. The right comb – Using a beard comb and that too of the right type is very important to keep your beard in shape and to promote beard growth. So invest in one.

11. Stress – Taking a lot of stress and tension won’t help in anything but will bring you different problems like pimples, hair fall, headache, heart diseases, and various such health issues. In addition, it will cause your beard growth to stop and become very unhealthy and volume less. So take lesser stress and relax!

How to grow beards
Now you know how to grow beards faster

So these are some of the best ways you can promote beard growth and help make it thicker and sexier. Now you have the answer of how to grow beards faster and thicker. So go try them 🙂

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