Either it be short hairs or long hairs, everyone wants to style them up in a way that they look adorable and everyone who sees them just cannot stop themselves from giving compliments. We see a lot of haircuts over the internet but aren’t able to decide which one to go for. Here we have mentioned the top trending haircuts and hairstyles you simply cannot resist.

Trending haircut 2020 –

1. Loose curl mid-length hair – This hair cut is trending as well as so freaking sexy. If you are thinking of getting a hair cut of shoulder length and aren’t able to decide which one to go for, this can be the right choice for you. Also when you get the loose curl mid-length hair cut, don’t forget to get highlights done, they add more to this hair cut and one’s personality.

2. Bangs – Bangs are another trending yet sexy looking hairstyles one should definitely go for. It doesn’t matter whether you are having short hair or long hair they will simply look amazing with any kind of hair length. Go crazy, wild, yet appealing with bangs. So next time you think of getting a haircut do consider bangs in that.

Bangs with long hair

3. Straight mid-length hair – Don’t know about you guys but I personally love and prefer this haircut for mid-length hair as it is so adorable and classy at the same time. Also, you don’t need to get highlights or color done with this hair cut it can look amazing without it as well. If you are getting your hairs chopped or you mid-length hair styled up then do consider this one.

4. Curls – The love for curls is never-ending, I personally love curls so much. Either it be short hair or long hair, curls look amazing on both the lengths. If you are thinking of styling your hair do try them out. If you are someone who often gets their hairstyles changed then try them for a short period or for maybe an event or something like that or you can get them done permanent as well. Also for the people with straight hair if you are thinking about a change in your personality by getting a haircut done this can be a good option for you.

Taking proper care of your hair is important as well, check these hair care tips one should definitely add to their hair care routine.

5. Crimped hair – Are you looking forward to giving yourself a wild look?. Bored of the simple, straight, and curly hair. Crimped hair is the new trendsetter. The wild look will make you its fan and you will go crazy over it. Either your hair are open or tied in a high ponytail or whatever, crimped hair will look good with literally anything. Also, you don’t have to go to the salon for it, you can simply get them with the help of a crimper.

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6. Straight keratin hair – Long hairs are hard to manage and often you don’t know the right way to style them up and keep them in a good condition. This amazing straight keratin hair trend is just so awesome and just the perfect one for long hair. If you are having hair of this length then go for keratin or smoothening session and get them permanently straight, I swear you are never gonna regret this.

7. Bob cut – Many times people find it hard to manage their long hair and start thinking of getting a haircut. If you are one of them and thinking getting your hair chopped short than the bob hair cut is just for you. It is simple yet elegant. Do try this haircut for a cute yet trendy look.

8. Under-cut – Another trending yet sexy hairstyle one should try. In this haircut, one of your sides or back of the head is shaved a bit, and the remaining hairs are moved to the other side. Mostly models and fashion freaks try this hairstyle. If you are thinking to do something fun with your hair, this can be the perfect option then.

These were some of the amazing and trending haircut, hope you liked them. Also, when it comes to hair never hesitate in playing and experimenting with them.

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